Importing Your Lists | iQIF


iQIF simply allows you to create transactions on your iOS device and email a QIF file which can be imported into Quicken, Money, iBank, or any other money managing application that accepts the QIF format.

To quickly get iQIF up and running, you can pre-populate your lists (Accounts, Categories, Tags, Payees) by exporting the lists in QIF format from your money application (Quicken, MS Money, etc.).  Here's how to do that.

  1. With QIF exports of lists availble, attach your iPhone/iPad to your computer.  Then inside iTunes on your computer, with your device attached, you should notice your device in the left tab.

  1. Click on the device to bring it into the window pane on the right.  Then click on Apps from the menu bar at the top.

  1. Towards the bottom of the window is a section called File Sharing.  Click on iQIF down here.

  1. Click on the Add… button.  From there you can select your QIF file(s) containing the lists to add them to your device.
  2. Once it is on your device, open QIF on your device.  Tap on the Exports & Preferences tab on the bottom.  Scroll down on this screen to where the import buttons are.  From there you should see your file and it will attempt an import.

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